All about that Shrimp
12 March 2018

Shrimps are a species of crustaceans found in the sea. Anyone who doesn’t identify with the term ‘crustaceans’ can simply think of shrimps as sea creatures with shells as a part of their biological anatomy. A shrimp is extremely similar to a prawn, and their names are often used interchangeably with each other. But can a shrimp replace a prawn in every aspect, right from taste, to nutrition, or in any particular dish, and what do you think are you served with, when you order prawns in any fish restaurant in Andheri East? You’ll have to read this article to find out.

Some guidelines suggest that the word ‘prawns’ be used for certain crustaceans found in freshwater, while ‘shrimp’ be used for their marine counterparts. Menus around the world often have either Prawn or shrimp as the dominant word, depending on the geographical location. The word ‘Prawn’ is also often used to represent large shrimps. The words ‘King prawns’ and ‘Jumbo shrimps’ are the result of similar classifications and attributions based on size. Biologically speaking, shrimps and prawns are different species with distinguishing features present in their tails, body structure and other parts. Typically, prawns are larger than shrimps, however, there are exceptions.

Prawns and shrimps offer good protein. Being low in calories and fat, they are often included as part of a healthy diet. The content of cholesterol in them is high, but because of an absence of saturated fat, can be consumed in moderate amounts. What is also present in shrimp and prawn is adequate amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for health. Also present in shrimps and prawns are vitamin B12 and other minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc. Prawns and shrimps can be distinguished with respect to their taste, by someone who has a good sense of taste. The taste of prawns could be described as something-in-between chicken and lobsters. Shrimp, in comparison, has a more buttery taste, and texture.

The one point which cause all this confusion and swapping of the words, shrimp and prawn is the cooking techniques. One can casually interchange prawns with shrimps in a dish, without worrying about any consequences or changes, and that’s exactly what happens in most of the fish restaurants in Andheri East. Shrimps and prawns have been found in many cuisines all throughout the country, especially down in the south of India. India exports shrimps and prawns to the United States and other different countries.

Here’s a list of the most iconic shrimp/prawn dishes hailing from different parts of the country:-

  • Prawn Chutney (Mangalore)
  • Sorshe Bhapa Chingri (Kolkata)
  • Jhinga Kadhai (Punjab)
  • Prawn Caldine Curry (Goa)
  • Traditional Prawn Portuguese Curry (Goa)
  • Jhinga Koliwada (Mumbai)
  • Nadan Chemmeen Varuthathu (Kerala)
  • Eral Varuval (Tamil Nadu)
  • Khajing Fry (Manipur)
  • Mangalorean Prawn Curry
  • Gongura Royalla (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Konju Varytharaccha curry (Kerala)
  • Prawn Pollichathu (Kerala)
  • Prawn Malwani Curry (Maharashtra)
  • Prawn Kuzhambu (Tamil Nadu)
  • Prawn Chettinad Curry (Tamil Nadu)
  • Prawn Balchao (Goa)

If the mention of all these dishes has made you hungry, then you know which fish restaurant in Andheri East to head to.