A Short Guide to Indian Seafood Cuisine
13 September 2017

India: A hotbed for seafood
Being a country encompassed by water on three sides and with an approximate coastline of 7517kms, India is a hotbed for seafood varieties. Each coastal state has its own traditional seafood specialties, making India the heavenly delight for the seafood lovers.
Among the prominent seafood varieties, prawns, crabs, oysters and fishes form to be the most consumed seafood varieties, and is now available in various seafood restaurants in Andheri.

Popular Seafood Delicacies: Fish Curries
Similar to the culture, one can always find a slight variation in taste of the delicacies that are prepared by each coastal state. Depending upon the availability of a particular kind of seafood in their proximity, the coastal states like Goa, Kerala, West Bengal and Mangalore are known for their authentic fish curries made with fish varieties like salmon, mackerel, sardine, clams and tuna.

While locals on western coast prefer smoked coconut gravies, locals in south prefer their fish cooked in coconut milk gravies. Similarly, if you move towards east, you will find a typical Bengali Mustard fish curry. Thus, irrespective to the type of herbs or traditional spices used in preparation of these delicacies; be it the famous Maccher Kalia or fish makhni from Bengal or a stuffed Ratnagiri crab; when the tantalizing aromas of fishes cooked with sizzling spices rise, you can hardly resist the charms of these seafaring delicacies.

Prawns and Crabs
Known to be available in abundance, these seafood species are a hit among the locals. Indeed, these powerhouses of proteins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids can go a long way in keeping you in a perfect shape as they are generally low in calorie contents. While locals stick to the traditional version of either frying prawns or opting for a coconut based curry, the crabs are generally preferred in a curry form with rice.

Oysters, Snails and Lobsters
Owning to their versatility, often the same base gravies are used for oysters or lobsters with a mere change in the seafood variety used in them. However, one can't experiment much with the snail; perhaps that's the reason they are either added to the curries or fried and consumed.

Twist of Modernism to Seafood Delicacies
Gone are the days where seafood delicacies where merely restricted to either the fried version or the gravy version. As a matter of fact, today one can find a plethora of just a single seafood variety budding on the restaurant's menu. Taking an inspiration from the west, delicacies like fish fillets, grilled fish or prawn varieties, fish tikkas or tandooris are now making their way in the Indian seafood industry.
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