6 Cuisines To Try When In Andheri East
28 October 2017

Andheri is one place in Mumbai which speaks to the best attributes of the city in itself and its people. This quickly developing corporate center pulls in an extensive number of youthful workers from all over the nation. Keeping in pace with the expansive statistic of its occupants and their differed inclinations, one restaurant which has become a hit in the list of preference of every food lover in Andheri East is Something’s Fishy. Standing the trial of time is the Best Seafood Restaurant in Andher East Something's Fishy. As the best multi-cuisine restaurant in Andheri East, Tunga's Somethings Fishy has gained massive popularity since its inception. Let’s have a look at some dishes which are a must try for all food lovers when nearby:

Kerala Pompfret/Surmai Alleppey Curry
The coastal state of Kerala in southern India is well known for the excellent quality of. This recipe of Alleppey fish curry is an amalgamation of ingredients that are usually utilized as a part of the backwater city. Alleppey fish curry is a well-known fish curry made with the sourness from the Mangoes. Most India fish curries are arranged by and large with a souring ingredients like kudampuli, tamarind, kokkum, curd or mangoes etc. In this fish curry Mango is the souring agent used and coconut milk is used to achieve the creaminess of the curry.

Mangalorian Prawns Gassi
Prawns Gassi Recipe originates from the Mangalore locale and a standout amongst the most famous dish. The greater part of the beach front eateries in Mangalore have prawns gassi on their menu alongside appams, dosas or rice. In this prominent curry, coconuts are an ideal supplement to the essence of the prawns. It is a dish that covers Goan and Mangalorean style dishes, all coastal Indian communities well known for their food. Make the most of this dish served over a bed of rice alongside garlic naan.

North Indian Squid Masala
Most fish dishes in India are set up in a curry form or the thicker, drier sukka way. On occasion, both are served together so the individual eating the day's crisp catch can soak their rice with one and appreciate the other with roti. Unlike squid recipes that call for rounds to be breaded and fried, this masala uses roughly chopped bits of squid that are delicious in the hot and fragrant sauce. It tastes best with a squeeze of lime, served atop rice or a wheat-based flatbread.

Goan Mutton Vindaloo
Vindaloo is a conventional dish of Goa. A "vindaloo", a standard component of Goan food got from the Portuguese. Vindaloo is made with meat and key fixings which incorporate wine/vinegar and garlic. An awesome variation of it should be possible by making it with chicken/sheep. The sauce is so vivid, fiery that it’s just an ideal couple with steamed rice.

North Indian Nalli Nihari
Nihari originates from the Urdu word Nihar which began from the Arabic Nahaar, which means day. Nihari includes the moderate cooking of meat with the stock in substantial vessels, fixed with mixture. Around 50 unique assortments of flavors are utilized including the standard garam masala, cumin, cardamom, cloves and other spices. Since the nihari includes a cooking time of at least six and a most extreme of 8 hours, lamb or chicken would effortlessly dissolve.

Malvani Pomfret/Surmai Curry
Fish dishes command the Malvani food. The fiery seafood curries may be a bit too spicy for some people, but are quite tasty. The Malvani food is fundamentally the same as Goan or coastal South Indian cooking. If spicy curries appeal to you over the fried delicacies, then this Pomfret/Surmai Malvani curry is your best option for you. Arranged from just about 14 mystery flavors, the fish is offered to you in a typical Malvani masala curry.
Healthy, tasty and easily available, seafood has turned into a basic component on the plates of each food lover in Andheri, and for good reasons. The Best Seafood Restaurant in Andheri East Something's Fishy offers a wide assortment of cuisines, curated from across different regions of India, each with its own particular special flavors. At the point when in Andheri, visit Something's Fishy to watch the mouth-watering delicacies lure you into eating more.