10 mouth-watering Malwani delicacies of Tunga restaurants that need to be on every foodie's wishlist
29 September 2017

Nestled on the Salsette island, Andheri is believed to be the Mecca for seafood lovers. Owning to its geographical location of been closed to the sea and of course, the increasing number of seafood lovers, the numbers of seafood restaurants in Andheri are going on increasing.

However, if you are a hardcore seafood lover then certainly you would be aware of mouth-watering Malwani seafood tales of Tunga restaurants. Revered for their flavoursome and exotic Malwani seafood, Tunga restaurants are among the best seafood restaurants in Andheri.

Well, not convinced yet? Then here's a sneak view about their tantalizing Malwani food menu. Read on!

  1. Teseryo Sukke: Known to be the staple diet of Malwanis, Teseryo (also known as clams) Sukke is a by-product of assorted traditional malwani spices cooked in a smoked coconut gravy.

  2. Bharli Macchi: Recommended specifically for the Pomfret lovers, the chefs at Tunga restaurants bring to you with an entire delicious Pomfret mixed in spicy green chutney.

  3. Prawn Malwani Sukke: Ranked among the Malwani specials of Tunga chain, Prawn Malwani Sukke is a spicy appetizer wherein the saute prawns are amalgamated with a mixture of authentic spices and onions.

  4. Chicken Fry: A tempting preparation of decently marinated chicken with a tangy taste; considering the pleasant weather outside, this is definitely a must-try delicacy of Tunga restaurant.

  5. Lobster Malwani Masala: Well, don't be dejected if you find the lobster in a spicy gravy instead of a typical whole lobster fantasy as this malwani masala lobster is certainly going to be the best lobster masala that you ever had in your whole life.

  6. Pomfret/Surmai Malwani Curry: If spicy curries appeal to you over the fried delicacies, then this Pomfret/Surmai Malwani curry is your best option on the menu. Prepared from almost 14 secret spices, the fish is offered to you in a typical malwani masala curry.

  7. Prawns Ambat: Bored of typical spicy flavor? Here's an unconventional malwani delicacy for you. Unlike other mild to extremely spicy delicacies, Prawns ambat has a bit of sour taste added to it which makes it even more desirable.

  8. Pomfret Tukra Fry: Pompfret Tukra fry makes up for an excellent fish appetizer. What makes this appetizer a hit among fish lovers is its perfect crunchiness along with a twist of malwani spices.

  9. Kale Sukhe Mutton: An absolute delight for mutton lovers, kale sukkhe mutton is among the must trying of Malwani specials. The tantalizing aromas of flavours mixing in this delicacy are sure to pamper your taste buds.

  10. Stuffed Crab: How can a Malwani food tour be complete without this authentic Malawani delicacy! Served with lots of love, the Stuffed Crab makes up to be the most ordered malwani delicacy of Tunga restaurants.
    Already salivating! If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go check out the restaurant.
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