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How to Crack and Eat A Lobster In 5 Easy Steps
05 January 2017

Eating lobster, cracking the shell and searching for the sweet, prized meat is a delightful experience. However eating lobster can be a little intimidating for even the food experts. We all have been there at some point of our life, right? But let me tell you, eating lobsters may seem messy at first but is pretty easy once you know the tips and tricks.

Make Your Taste Buds Buzz With Seafood
28 December 2017

You all must have heard of sea food right? Well, I know it definitely makes your taste buds go gaga! With a huge source of protein and found especially the coastal areas, Seafood mainly includes delicious fish which people love to eat it. There are also varieties in sea food ranging from fishes to aquatic plants and other organisms.

The Many Cuisines at Something’s Fishy
15 December 2017

Vashi has long been known for being a go-to place for hogging on seafood, thanks to Something’s Fishy (touted to offer the best seafood in Vashi) and it’s amazing seafood spread. But have you ever given this variety a thought? Each dish, when it hits your taste buds, gives off its own set of distinct taste and flavors.

Crab, Lobster and Wine Fest
08 December 2017

Something's Fishy is one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East and Vashi. The restaurant has made a name for itself for serving the hidden treasures of authentic Coastal, Indian, Pan Asian cuisine that’s delectable and lip-smacking.

Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part II
01 December 2017

We have already seen the different types of fishes and the best way to savour their delicious taste. It was covered in the article Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part I and if you haven’t read that yet, you should, right now. In the last part, we covered ground on fishes like Pomfret, Bombil, and other premium well-known fishes. In this article, we’ll be covering certain other types of fishes and sea-creatures (don’t worry, they don’t bite, and they’re extremely tasty).

Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part I
16 November 2017

The best part about eating fish is the sweet and succulent taste of its meat. Now, different fishes have different tastes to their meat. A food connossieur who has tried and tasted fish dishes would know the difference between the different types. Fish dishes are based on these types as one can’t just use any fish recipe for a particular fish. Based on each fish type, recipes have been created and time-tested so that the taste of any particular fish is brought out by the right set of ingredients. One can find a number of such recipes at any fish restaurant in Andheri East, and other areas.

This Winter Share Your Warmth @ Tunga Paradise
07 November 2017

This winter warm up with a luxurious retreat at Tunga Paradise. One of the best hotels in Andheri, Mumbai - Regale boasts beautiful ambiance, classy amenities, and lip-smacking food, to help you create a memorable experience with your friends, family, and relatives.
If you wish to celebrate the winter season in style with a touch of luxury visit Tunga Paradise and avail the following offers:

6 Cuisines To Try When In Andheri East
28 October 2017

Andheri is one place in Mumbai which speaks to the best attributes of the city in itself and its people. This quickly developing corporate center pulls in an extensive number of youthful workers from all over the nation. Keeping in pace with the expansive statistic of its occupants and their differed inclinations, one restaurant which has become a hit in the list of preference of every food lover in Andheri East is Something’s Fishy

Why a visit to Tunga (Vashi) is a must for seafood lovers
17 October 2017

These days, finding a seafood joint that balances quality food, fine dining, and value for money, isn’t easy. In the past few years, the cost of seafood has skyrocketed. Gone are the good old days when local fishermarkets used to be filled with local fisherwomen, always on the lookout for customers who would buy their catch

Few Reasons Why Tunga Hotels are Known to Be the Best Business Hotels in Andheri
09 October 2017

Andheri is a commercial hub in Mumbai. It’s known to be the largest suburb of the Mumbai city and is a home to a vast number of shopping outlets, restaurants etc. With thousands of people traveling to Andheri on daily basis for work, the option to look for a great luxury business hotels in Andheri is always in a great demand.

10 mouth-watering Malwani delicacies of Tunga restaurants that need to be on every foodie's wishlist
29 September 2017

Nestled on the Salsette island, Andheri is believed to be the Mecca for seafood lovers. Owning to its geographical location of been closed to the sea and of course, the increasing number of seafood lovers, the numbers of seafood restaurants in Andheri are going on increasing.

Tunga Luxury Hotels Presents Exclusive Weekend Offers For Your Stay
22 September 2017

Prestigious and impressive the Tunga star hotels in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai are truly a welcome sanctuary for discerning travellers, both local as well as international. Conveniently located, the hotels offer a fine blend of contemporary design and world-class service.

A Short Guide to Indian Seafood Cuisine
13 September 2017

India: A hotbed for seafood
Being a country encompassed by water on three sides and with an approximate coastline of 7517kms, India is a hotbed for seafood varieties. Each coastal state has its own traditional seafood specialties, making India the heavenly delight for the seafood lovers.

Regenza: Pioneer of 5 star hotels in Navi Mumbai
4 September 2017

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Anyone who comes to visit this city of dreams, for a business visit or even for personal reasons, should be staying somewhere that fuels his/her dreams. Mumbai is a city that isn’t just known for it’s penchant of making people’s lives, but also known for it’s culture, it’s heritage, it’s people, their food, and of course, hotels that act as landmarks for people visiting the city.

The novelty of Fish Restaurants in Vashi
29 Auguest 2017

The amount of development that has been happening in Vashi is nothing sort of an achievement. 5 star hotels have come up. There are restaurants offering fine dining options and cuisines that contain quality food and flavors that have been hand-picked out of numerous geographical locations in the world. A quick look on Zomato will give you an idea about the restaurants in Vahi and Navi Mumbai. With higher ratings, restaurants in Vashi and Navi Mumbai have been rising in terms of popularity, especially seafood restaurants. The fact that these restaurants have a price range that is a bit less as compared to the restaurants in the main city, makes them much more appealing to the masses.

Why you shouldn’t miss the buffet at Something’s Fishy
21 Auguest 2017

A buffet is one of the most sought-after social events. A buffet offers people the opportunity to do something that they would usually never do in a restaurant: hog like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it, even though many deny it, everybody loves filling up their plate with generous amounts of food and digging their teeth into it. Add seafood into a buffet, and you will possibly have heaven on earth. In Andheri (East), this heaven is called Something’s Fshy, a restaurant by Tunga International Hotels. Residents of Andheri tout it as the best seafood in Andheri East.

Drinks That Go Well With Seafood
16 Auguest 2017

When you season a dish, or include a sauce, you're considering joining flavours that taste great together. Pairing drinks with your food, especially seafood is no different a deal. However, everybody discusses the most ideal and traditional approach to match seafood with brew and wine, yet shouldn't something be said about alcohol? As we would see it, fish and alcohol just go as one!

A Complete Guide To Eat Well In A Buffet
07 Auguest 2017

Love them or hate them, buffets are a hugely popular setup in the restaurant world.
The reason why everyone form a kid to old love to indulge in a massive buffet every once in a while be it at a restaurant, wedding or social events, is because you when you dine out with your friends or family, you get to choose what you want to eat irrespective of others choices. Another best thing about all of them is that you can actually see what you will eat before your plate hits the table.

Become a Crab-eating Expert in 5 Steps
30 June 2017

When it comes to dining at Something’s Fishy, the favourite seafood restaurant in Andheri, crab is a popular choice among seafood lovers. While crabs are delicious to eat, they can be messy to eat. Especially if you are someone who has never eaten crab before, the task may appear daunting.

Taste excellent seafood in Andheri East
26 June 2017

Have you ever been on a hunt for that impeccable seafood in Mumbai? Trust me, it’s harder than fishing. You will be exhausted of your patience doing it and still the right taste will never be acquired. There exists many seafood lovers in recent times and the proper seafood restaurants are scarce. It is a feeling that only this type can relate to.

Experience this Fish restaurant in Vashi
21 June 2017

When it is good food, it all depends upon the taste that makes it good. There are innumerous restaurants capable of serving you food, but only some fit your taste buds. You get used to it and whenever you wish to enjoy your meals out, this specific one will be on the top of your priority list.

Fish restaurant in Andheri East provides you with the best
16 June 2017

The love for fish can just be understood by the ones who have had the best of them. The taste is impeccable and sticks to your taste buds when you have the finest preparations. A seafood lover can never resist himself to the aroma of fishes and this fragrance can call his hunger anytime, any hour. And even if his appetite is fully met, you would see him gobbling up large morsels of the fish.

Best seafood restaurant in Vashi is open now
08 June 2017

Prawns are mouth – watering and I could never resist it. And unlike me there are many who love its taste. They are the ones that suits me best among seafood. Not all restaurants are likely to quench my thirst for prawns though, and not all know the technique of preparing it the correct way. Seafood cooking is an art and one must master it.

Best Seafood in Vashi is here
25 May 2017

We have surely seen or heard of Fish Addictive Bongs in the community, and yet more certainly will you be one among them too, when you visit this restaurant in Vashi.

Something’s Fishy, is that drug which will quench your thirst with the perfectly cooked fish. It holds some of the finest cuisines that can excite your pallet. In context to the name, it provides a perfect picture to the mind wherein you know that it is a “Fishy” - affair. Well acclaimed for fishes, the restaurant also has a wide range of vegetarian food which is equally tasty and delectable. It also has a great collection of wines and a much wider collection of fresh fishes that will perplex you. You really don’t know what to select from among Crabs, Salmon, Lobsters, Pollock, Catfish, Cod, Unicorn, Whiting, Shrimps and many more. Try out the different tastes of crabs and lobsters with the best-paired wine, and that would make your entire day. To mention a few: Prawns Gassi, Tawa Pomphret fry, Pomphret in Malwani curry offered in the restaurant are my personal favorites.

We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly
19 May 2017

-Anna Thomas
Good food brings you a good feeling too. It quenches your soul from within and that is what the best seafood restaurant in Andheri East does to make your day.

Something’s Fishy satisfies you completely offering the best platter. They are specialists dealing with the best Seafood in Andheri East and count it their major forte. From mouthwatering crabs to lobsters, Shrimps, Bombil, Salmon and other varieties in fishes, you will always be confused to what you should order. They are all always so luscious. Something’s Fishy offers a great variety of wine that proves a perfect match with seafood and that is what makes it a heaven’s bliss. They are well known for Seafood herein and have been building this reputation since its establishment in the year 2003.

Check out the Best Seafood restaurants in Vashi
13 May 2017

Seafood: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise:
Offer me the costliest, the most delicious, or most well garnished dish besides a simple boiled fish, and I will choose the later. Seafood is potent enough to win over anything. It tops the list of my personal favorites and many like me exist who are in love with the same.

Here’s the Best Seafood Restaurant in Andheri East
08 May 2017

Being a foodie with a taste for the exquisite might sound like a tough experience, but you’ll be surprised. There’s a vast amount of variety in Mumbai when it comes down to tasty food that’s also worth your buck. To find a restaurant that is splendid in flavor and tasteful with their ambience may take a while, which is why we make it easy for you to get yourself to one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri east.

Share the Seafood Love in Andheri East
25 April 2017

Mumbai’s culture lies in its fresh assortment of seafood. And you will find the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East. Andheri East is a “fish hub” and the Arabian Sea, like a dutiful trader, brings in a fresh catch every day. The markets are dotted with rows of banana leaves laden with Pomfret, Crabs, Prawns, and Bangda, in all shapes and sizes.

Crabby Event in Vashi
19 April 2017

Seafood is a versatile class of food in itself. It’s easy to prepare, easy to eat and also very good for one’s health. It can be used in salads, fried, in a curry, baked, steamed and even eaten raw. It can be quite an acquired taste, but owing to its large variety, there’s something in it for everyone, except vegetarians.

Tunga Boasts Some of the Best Hotels near the Highway at Andheri
12 April 2017

Families and business travellers to Mumbai usually prefer staying in one of the good hotels near the highway at Andheri, because of the short commute time to various other places, and its close proximity to the international and domestic airport. Moreover, it eliminates traffic headaches, parking costs, and confusing interchanging routes.

Seafood Stories in Vashi
07 April 2017

With Mumbai being the hub of seafood, it is just the ideal place to get the best seafood. It is the hub of the multiple varieties of fish and multiple ways of preparing the fish. If you find yourself in Andheri then you are in the right place. Fish restaurants in Vashi are many but to get to the best one is tricky to find. Restaurants do have their famous was of cooking up seafood but finding the best where it takes you back to the first time you really enjoyed the taste of fish can be difficult to find.

Lobster Love in Andheri East
05 April 2017

“Food is not about impressing people, it’s about making them comfortable”
Seafood has jumped leaps and bounds, especially in India. From the humble curry to modern plates of food, seafood is now prepared to showcase every cuisine from all around the world. Mumbai is a port city with an abundance of seafood, from the tiny prawn to the mighty Pomfret. Seafood in Andheri East has slowly started building a solid reputation for itself. And there is one place that dishes up varied, fresh, delicious and best seafood in Andheri East.

Yummy Seafood Now In Vashi
27 March 2017

Planning an outing this weekend and no idea where to go? Don’t worry! Take your family to the best seafood restaurant in Vashi-Something’s Fishy. It is always ready with the strong fragrance and smart availability of different seafood. Their variety has been attractive since 2003 making the place unique. 80 % of Mumbai population is dependent on fish and is often looking for best seafood joints. Few are lucky enough to find the best ones but others stay lost. So, no need to worry about it anymore because Something’s Fishy- a seafood restaurant in Vashi is here. What else do you need? Just move out with your gang and hit to Something’s Fishy in Vashi for some lip smacking, delicious, mouth watering, juicy prawn cutlets, pomfret fry, fish balls, lobster, ring squid etc at an affordable price.

Seafood On The Cards
23 March 2017

Traveling to Mumbai and missing out on the most versatile and popular cuisine present here could be no less than a grave mistake. Receiving beyond appraisals, Mumbai takes pride in her variety of preparations in Seafood, which greets and leaves every food lover with a huge comeback. Starting from mouth watering preparations of mild, creamy Salmon, to the aphrodisiac essence of delicate Oyster and Crabs, it would be a terrible move for one to not try at least one of each of the admired dishes.

Scrumptious Seafood At Andheri East
21 March 2017

So every time it is about how foodie we are. How much we love to eat. Taste is all that matters when we think about any food. Of course, the gorgeous side of the presentation is important and that be the cherry on the cake, but the taste is the mother of all. When you see someone having biryani, don’t you feel like buying a plate for yourself too? I think we all do. Then there is something in town which will take you to the sea and ocean and deeper than all.

Loyalty Program by Tunga International
10 March 2017

Tunga International is counted among the best luxury hotels in Mumbai. Whether it’s a business meeting or a family trip, this luxury hotel in Mumbai near International airport ensures a stylish, sophisticated and majestic experience to all its guests.

The silver loyalty card is a demonstration of Tunga’s ongoing commitment of making guests feel more than welcome every time they stay. The loyalty card not only offers attractive benefits and perks, but also offers great value for money.

Fishing around? Andheri east just got better.
03 March 2017

Well! Yes, you heard that right. If you’re a fish lover and new in the city of dreams and don’t know where to go for finger licking fish food and badly searching for an amazing fish restaurant in Andheri East, then don’t look left or right just drop in Something’s Fishy- a seafood restaurant in Andheri East, known for its best cuisines like Seafood, North Indian and Chinese where you can not only fulfill your hunger of tasty seafood but also get to taste a lot of new dishes and other tasty cuisines.

Fascinating Feasts at Andheri East
22 February 2017

Cravings? Shrimps or lobsters? Tough decision to make. Something’s fishy will make it easier for you – the best restaurant in Andheri East. Seafood is something that everybody loves and when you get tasty treats just around the corner what’s better than that? Andheri offers you something that you just can’t ignore – yummilicious food at an inescapable price.

Fish Fetish at Vashi
15 February 2017

It’s not about being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it’s all about being a pescatarian. If your fish love is out of this world, you know where to visit. Something’s Fishy offers this luscious fish affair that can ever ignore. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that renders an indelible fishy episode.

Calling all food fanatics at Vashi
9 February 2017

As the saying goes “a recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe”, Something’s Fishy by Tunga delivers exactly the same. They induce soul in their food and their taste speaks for them. Come and check out this restaurant that has the best seafood in Vashi. Now seafood is never out of reach, you just need to step out of your place and there it is.

Crabilicious affair
3 February 2017

Keep calm and feast on crabs – yes if you are a crab lover, there’s a place made just for you. When hunger knocks, you just have to visit the best. Andheri has come up with the best seafood restaurant which can give your cravings a rush. Leave your taste buds wanting for more only at something’s fishy.

Searching for the Best Seafood
24 January 2017

Mumbai being the centre point of fish you tend to discover a lot of fish joints regardless of where you go. Not only that but rather you discover it on the menu of each eatery. Finding the best seafood in Andheri East is not a troublesome assignment but rather to some degree genuinely simple to do.

Energize your taste buds at Vashi
16 January 2017

Straight from the stallion's mouth comes the very useful tidbits that highlight what sustenance ought to be. Crisp and straightforward is the thing that we search for, at Something's Fishy you are certain to locate the freshest fish there is. As individuals do state when you make sustenance you ought to make it with a sprinkle of affection.

Andheri East Specialities in Seafood
10 January 2017

Fish is devoured everywhere throughout the world; it gives the world's prime wellspring of top notch protein: 14–16% of the creature protein expanded around the world; more than one billion individuals depend on fish as their essential wellspring of creature protein. In Mumbai alone, angle shapes an essential piece of individuals' eating regimen. Get mouth-watering Seafood restaurants in andheri east.

Continuously server the best at Vashi
04 January 2017

Have you been searching for incredible nourishment and never getting the opportune place to eat? Shouldn't something be said about fish? Yes, as everybody here realizes that Mumbai is the centre of a portion of the finest fish, however, shouldn't something be said about having quite recently the best seafood in Vashi? Mumbai may be known for the best fish however at Something's Fishy, you are not going to be disillusioned.

Sharing the seafood love from Vashi
26 December 2016

There is no love more sincere than the love of food Due to Mumbai’s proximity to the Arabian Sea, seafood has taken over the food scene. Not only does it have immense health properties like reducing blood pressure, it’s light and tasty. What better time than this monsoon season to enjoy fresh seafood. Whether you’re a fan of the soft fleshy Pomfret or the delicate crab you’ll find the seafood in Vashi.

Seafood stories from Andheri East
21 December 2016

Fish to taste right must swim three times- in water, in butter, and in wine”- Proverb
If you have been living in Mumbai all your life you know what im talking about when seafood is something that is the best here. Seafood lovers usually come to Mumbai to try out the best seafood. “You have to taste a culture to understand it”- Deborah Carter- Mumbai’s culture lies in its fresh assortment of seafood. And you will find the Seafood in Andheri East

Catching the biggest at Andheri
14 December 2016

Seafood is consumed all over the world; it provides the world's prime source of high-quality protein: 14–16% of the animal protein consumed worldwide; over one billion people rely on seafood as their primary source of animal protein.

A mouthwatering experience at Vashi
09 December 2016

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients”- Julia Child.

Straight from the horse’s mouth comes the very words of wisdom that highlight what food should be. Fresh and simple is what we look for, at Something’s Fishy you are sure to find the freshest fish there is.

Mumbai’s Best Seafood in Vashi
26 November 2016

Vashi is a hub for the best seafood restaurants in Vashi, you will ever come across. “I mix mayonnaise, ketchup and brandy and a little bit of mustard. This is a heck of a good sauce for seafood.” Jose Andres Seafood restaurants in Vashi is something that can excite your palate

Best Seafood in Andheri East
22 November 2016

"All food is comfort food. Maybe I just like to chew." Lewis Black
Being a seafood lover, you will want to look for the best seafood everywhere you go. Since it is winter the type of food that heats up your body.